Rules of Deuces Wild

Before you settle on playing the card game known as Deuces Wild, you should understand that all the cards marked 2 are wild cards. If you happen to have three cards of the same kind and a two-value card, then you have four cards of the same kind. With Deuces Wild it is required that a player first insert credits into their credit pool, and then decide how many of these they want to place as a bet before starting each game.

Tools of play

A regular 52-card deck is used for this poker game, which reduces the chances that a player will get cards of a similar denomination. The use of one deck also ensures fairness. This is one of the attractive features of this game. After finishing a hand, the deck is supposed to be thoroughly shuffled, so it is impossible to predict which cards have been used.

Rules of play

Two major rounds characterize a game of Deuces Wild. In the first round a player gets their five cards. The player must make a decision as to which cards to keep for the following round, and continues like this up to the end of the game. If the player holds too many cards, there will be no room for dealing more, and the chances of gathering a winning combination are low. The second round is the showdown, where a player, depending upon the cards they are holding, gets to know if they have won a prize.


Because wild cards play a part in determining the winning combination, the minimum number of cards in a winning hand is 3 of a kind. The casino normally determines the payout to be paid according to the rank of cards in the poker hand.

Rules of Jacks or Better

Card games are pretty easy to win, because knowing the rules are the only requirement for playing well; there are no tricks or twists. I have keenly observed players as they play Jacks or Better, and my conclusion is that the more you are familiar with the game, the higher your chances of winning. It only takes a few minutes to grasp the concept of playing the game, but the long-term possibilities for success will amaze you.

What you need to play

A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play the game. The first rule of play is that before a game starts the player must choose what bet to play. The range of the bet could be anywhere from one to five coins. As with any game of gambling, if your bet is ambitious you are likely to win large payouts. If you would like to land a Royal Flush bonus, you’ve got to set a bet with five coins.


With the bet size declared and money inserted into the machine, the game is ready to begin. The online version requires that the player place a bet with money from his or her balance. The player presses the deal button to release five random cards. The five cards are then displayed on the screen so that the player decides which cards to continue with and which ones to discard. Upon discarding the cards, the player is allowed to deal again and the process of choosing, discarding and dealing continues until the deck has been exhausted.

How do you win?

When the game comes to an end, the amount of payout given to the player is determined by the size of their bet, as well as the strength of the final card combination, known as the hand.

Rules of Double Jackpot

The basic rules of this poker game are similar to those governing the playing of others, such as Jacks or Better. A typical 52-card deck is used, and the player must first declare their bet before a game starts. A poker game may end in whatever combination a player is building, but two jacks at minimum will warrant a payout. There is a pay table posted at the top of the machine that players can refer to as they play.

Placing a bet

Each bet is constituted by a set of coin sizes that a player selects. If a player bets a large coin size, they must be prepared to make a bet equivalent to five times that coin size. The reason it is recommended to play with five coins of the same size at a time is because of the profitability of doing so. The payout for a Royal Flush is higher and can only occur if five coins are used at a time.

Using the ‘deal’ button

Clicking on the deal button releases a set of five cards that are displayed for the player. The player has to click individually on the cards that they wish to keep. The machine will automatically hold any cards that form a winning combination even before the player clicks on it. The player can, however, click on these held cards to free them if they wish to build on another combination. Winning combinations can be viewed and tracked from the left side of the screen.


As the winning combinations are built up, the software will multiply the number according to the payout on the table. The amount is sent directly to the payout cell where the player can access it. You will not be able to transfer your winnings, so better hurry to withdraw them before the validity period lapses.